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Lineage Eternal G-Star 2014 gameplay

Видео с 10 минутным геймплеем новой игры от NC Soft, с корейской выставки G-Star. NC Soft обещают запустить Lineage Eternal сразу во всех регионах, примерно в 2016 году.

Также немного новых подробностей про Lineage Eternal

-Open World MMORPG

-Unique Skill Activation System (Mouse Cursor Movement)

-Field Event Quests

-World/Raid Bosses with 20+ Members

-Randomized Dungeons

-Dynamic Dungeons

-PK/PvP Available

-PvP Arena

-Simplified Controls for MMORPG

-Event Contribution Upper Right

-Items and Exp. obtainable solo (Event Quest)

-Showed Town with various players hanging out

-Mobile Game Support Using Cloud Connect Features

-Generic Questing System Removed

-Supports 500 Players in one area

Posted: 24 nov. 2014 in 06:17 UTC+0
User: a.senna
Duration: 11 mins 31 secs
Category: Games

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